Which Wechat public accounts should you go with: Subscription or service?

Which Wechat public accounts should you go with: Subscription or service?



For brands to use Wechat, you will need to choose between Subscription, service or corporate account.

Corporate Wechat account is the equivalent to Slack, which is to say that, as a brand, unless you are looking for a Slack substitute, it is either Subscription or Service account to choose from.

Subscription account 1 post per day, account shows up in the Subscription folder in Wechat

Service account 4 posts per month, account shows up as individual chat



Subscription or service?

To really understand the differences between the 2 types of accounts, here is an example:

1、You booked a flight tickets with Air China, after payment you received a message telling you to follow their Wechat Service account, where you can: Receive the flight updates, Check-in, book site, purchase luggage, etc. What would you do? Follow it for sure, since you are already a customer, and want more service.

2、You saw an article in your friends Moments, explaining hidden tricks on Wechat. You’ve read through the article, learnt the tricks, and saw a message in the end of the article explain this Subscription account: ‘A consulting agency helping you understand Wechat marketing, post everything you need to know about Wechat’. As someone working in the field, you’d follow it for more info right away, and read every article they post on a daily basis, but in the end of the day, would you buy their services? Or would you rather try to use what you’ve learnt to make your account better?



It is as straight forward as their names, Service account focuses on existing customers that are familiar with your service, while Subscription account help your brand to create more awareness through daily posts.

Because of the difference, Service account gives more conversion, while Subscription account help reach potential followers. You should always focus on sales with Service account and focus on growing followers and social media reach with Subscription account .

Be clear with what you are expecting from Wechat


Is sales your main goal?

Then consider if your website is mobile friendly, support Wechat payment and load fast enough on Wechat broswer. Because when you trying to direct traffic through Wechat, your website will be displayed on Wechat browser, mostly through mobile and tablet device. Wechat browser however doesn’t support any Alibaba service, so Alipay won’t work on Wechat browser. Politics, I know!

Sales, loyal customer benefit and campaigns are also good to have on a Service account, in a country where most people’s emails are a sequence of numbers, Wechat fullfill the email marketing function we are using on this side of the wall.


Are you using Wechat to make people known more about your brand?

Then make good content! Your aim is to make good enough content that people want to share on their Moment; grow your follower base so that in the long run, these followers can become customers, for a Subscription account, followers is everything.